Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I go to get more information regarding the promotion?

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the promotion, please email

How is this competition entered?

The competition can be entered on the ‘Enter Your Project’ form or the ‘Enter your Student Project’ form.

Who is eligible to enter this promotion?

There are two groups eligible for the Lysaght Inspirations Design Awards.

The Commercial and Industrial, Residential, Heritage & Restoration, and ZENITH™ categories are open to architects, designers and building owners associated with building projects that have utilised LYSAGHT® steel products. Entrants must have designed and/or built an article as the entrant’s entry into the competition which falls within at least one of the five competition categories, possess the “Moral Rights” to enter the project in the competition (they must be the original “author’ of the creative design of the building), and the project entered must have been completed and available for occupation/handover between 1 January 2013 and 30 June 2018. The entrant will need to supply proof that LYSAGHT® product was used on the project (specification is not sufficient) – we will be checking this before any prizes are awarded.

The student category is open to individuals who are currently enrolled in, or have graduated in the last two (2) years from, a recognised architectural or building design curriculum at an Australian university, college or other educational institution.

Can one project be entered in more than one category?

Yes, a project can be entered in multiple categories.

Can an entrant enter more than one project?

Yes, an entrant can submit as many projects as they like, as long as the projects are eligible.

Are the terms for the promotion published online?

Yes, see the ‘Terms & Conditions’ page.

What information does an entrant need to enter?

Depending on the categories entered, there are different requirements.

For the Commercial and Industrial, Residential, Heritage & Restoration, and ZENITH™ categories, the entrant must complete their contact details, project details, and overview of the project, details of the LYSAGHT® product used, both high-resolution and low-resolution photography, and schematics or floorplans. The entrant also needs to notify relevant parties that they are entering this competition.

For the student category, the entrant must complete their contact details, education information, and PDF responses to the brief provided.

Will customers need to produce proof-of-purchase prior to receiving a prize?

For the Commercial and Industrial, Residential, Heritage & Restoration, and ZENITH™ categories, it is a requirement that customers need to produce proof that LYSAGHT® product was used prior to receiving a prize.

What are the prizes?

The winner of the Student Category will receive a cash prize of $5,000 cash, while the winners of all other categories will receive $2,000 and their winning projects will feature in the next edition of Lysaght’s ‘Build On Inspiration’ publication.

All category winners (apart from the Student Category) will then be in the running for the major award of the program, ‘Lysaght Inspirations Design Award’. This ultimate winner will receive a trip for two to the World Architectural Festival in Amsterdam in December this year, as well as $5,000 spending money. In addition, the winning project will feature on the cover of the next edition of Lysaght’s ‘Design Inspiration’ publication, including acknowledgement of the winner and their company, where applicable.